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Patients with dental treatment phobia

Dental treatment phobia is widely spread

- 6 to 14 % of the population in industrial countries suffer from dental treatment phobia, i.e. from extreme distress, also showing physical effects. They want to go to the dentist, but can't. They are afraid of the physiological, kinetic and emotional reaction caused by their phobia. One can easily see why they won't go to the dentist!

- 2/3 of the population are "simply" scared to go to the dentist, some more, some less. They may not suffer from dental treatment phobia as much as feel inhibited, but that may still be a severe limitation.

Dental treatment phobia is a vicious circle. 
People scared of the dentist will avoid visiting the dental office as long as possible. They are usually aware their oral health may be put at risk and that even more treatment will be necessary the longer they wait. Shame and a feeling of inferiority further increase their fear and in the course of time constraints keeping them from visiting a dentist seemingly become near-impossible to surmount.

BUT: There is a way out!

You have already taken the first step to get out of that vicious circle of fear by visiting our website. Rest assured you have every right to feel entitled to our utmost consideration of your special problem and to offer you treatment that meets your individual wishes and needs to a tee. We are prepared we take the time needed to advise and treat you.

The following is our procedure
The way patients with extreme dental treatment phobia are treated depends on each case individually. Basically, there will be the following
steps, though:
1. Non-binding preliminary talk
First of all we will discuss your wishes and ideas that would make you feel comfortable (this can also be done on the phone).
2. Anamnesis and consultation
We will start with a detailed and also psychologically-oriented anamnesis
(prehistory evaluation). Then we will thoroughly discuss all possible measures to reduce your fear.
3. Examination
By thorough examination we will determine the state of your oral health and the necessary treatment.
4. Cooperative creation of your treatment plan
We will plan all necessary steps of treatment in cooperation with you and find the methods most suited to take away your fear.
5. Treatment
Treatment will not start until the consultation and planning phase is completed. You can be assured that we will treat you with utmost respect and cautiousness, and that you are the one who will set the pace.

Dr. Antic & Team