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Modern gentle plaque removal by an ultrasonic apparatus

Gentle removal of persistent plaque using a powder plaster

Teeth of a person drinking lots of tea before (top) and after (bottom) having been cleaned with a powder blaster


Treatment with high-lustre polishing paste.

Professional Cleaning

Even if at home you brush your teeth very thoroughly, you will not be able to remove all bacteria. There will always be residual bacteria, as one is not be able to reach every single corner of one’s mouth. In time this may cause damage. Thus, aside from your everyday oral hygiene, you should have your teeth cleaned professionally on a regular basis.

In order to prevent oral and dental diseases caused by bacteria it is important to remove plaque completely. This is done by professional cleaning including the following individual services:

1. Revision of home dental care by demonstrating deficits: If necessary, plaque will be made visible by plaque indicators and particular measurement values will be calculated (e.g. parodontal screening index, interdental bleeding index, plaque index etc.)

2. Discussion of visible hygiene deficits and remotivation towards better oral hygiene at home.

3. Complete removal of any plaque on the visible part of each tooth upside the gums (supragingival). If necessary, we will use special instruments to remove persistent plaque (e.g. tea and nicotine stains).

4. Removal of all non-visible plaque beneath the gums (subgingival) to a depth of 1-2 mm, as far as the respective parondontal problems have been diagnosed.

5. Smoothing and polishing of the teeth with fluoride paste. This makes it harder for bacterial plaque to develop on the tooth surface again and it can be more easily removed in the future.

6. Fluoridation of the teeth.

7. High-risk patients can additionally be treated with locally acting
germ-reducing medicine, e.g. CH-gel. Each individual step of this professional cleaning process is painless!

How often should you have your teeth cleaned professionally?

Modern dental medicine and treatment can make your teeth last a lifetime. Professional cleaning forms a first step prior to further preventive measures.

We recommend professional cleaning every 6 months. High-risk patients and patients with deficits in their oral hygiene at home may need cleaning more often (every 2 to 4 months)

Dr. Antic & Team